Unbreakable! – Georgian hero tortured during 2008 August War (Graphic video)
08 August, 2015
Footage of Giorgi Antsukhelidze getting tortured during the August War has shaken Georgia to the core. The 23-year-old Georgian soldier who was captured by Ossetian separatists has heroically endured several days of near-endless torture and humiliation in an attempt to get information out of him, but never cracked. His resilience has surprised and angered his tormentors to an extent that they beat him to death at a mass grave near Tskhinvali’s Public School #5.

The deceased corporal was posthumously awarded the
Order of National Hero by then-President of Georgian Mikheil Saakashvili in April of 2013. The award was given to his widowed wife, Maka Chikviladze.

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