Offer to Simulate Saakashvili’s Elimination
15 November, 2012

Consider this interview as my official testimony. I will prove by factual evidences that I’m telling the truth! I demanded that Mamuka Akhvlediani tells me why City Hall had acquired the disputable property. Akhvlediani proved to me that City Hall could not know that this is a disputable property but a decent person from City Hall gave me the official document. This crime was followed by a more serious one; Mamuka Akhvlediani suddenly offered me the following:

the dispute must be completed;

we will pay you GEL 2 million, but on the condition that you do not turn down our request. This was at a time when Badri Patarkatsishvili shifted  to the side of the opposition. In general, Akhvlediani offered me to simulate the elimination of Saakashvili!, a refugee from Abkhazia, Besik Pipia declared in an interview with the newspaper “Kviris Palitra”.

“Akhvlediani told me that during the meeting between the President and the public in the Imereti region, the security service of the President would allow me to approach Saakashvili. Before that, I had to undergo special training at the security service; they would give me a device, which would not explode; it just had to be an imitation of an assassination attempt. After that, of course, I would be detained by the security service of the president. On the same day, I would give a testimony, saying that Valery Gelbakhiani, head of Badri Patarkatsishvili’s election staff, allegedly promised me GEL 2 million to eliminate the president”, - said the respondent.

“Akhvlediani convinced me that in two months after the buzz died away, they would let me out on the basis of the procedural agreement and the money would be paid through the third parties. I was confused and very frightened. When a government official makes to you such an offer, of course, you get frightened. I pulled myself together and said to him that I was ready. We agreed to meet the next day to specify more details. The meeting was scheduled for 8:00 in the City Hall. That night I left Tbilisi. For about a year I was hiding in the basement of my friend’s house”, - said the respondent.

“Five months before the elections of 2012 the head of the Department for Constitutional Security, Soso Topuridze suddenly called me and categorically demanded that I come to his office. At 00:00 I went to Topuridze’s office and was taken to a room; there were four investigators; the chief of the group was Davit Gogotishvili. Before they made me write a statement, I was injected with something. I became bold and decisive”, - continued the respondent.

“After that, Soso Topuridze called Data Akhalaia. I do not know what they talked about, but I was told that I was right, it was necessary to arrest these thugs and to start an investigation. Frankly, I was surprised, because Akhvlediani would not dare to do it without the permission of higher officials. The interrogation lasted until 7:00 am. Then I was given a rest on the couch in the room of the investigators. At 09:00 a.m the questioning continued: - Who else knew about this proposal of Mamuka Akhvlediani, - they asked me. I thought that if I said no one, they could kill me; so I said that my family knew it. As soon as I said it, they brought my wife”, - explained the respondent.

“A few days after my release, Topuridze called me again. He was unusually cordial during the conversation and said that the apartment issue would be resolved soon; that he spoke with the head of the presidential administration, Davit Tkeshelashvili; that everything was decided in my favor. I went to his place. He said that they were trying to give me the money for the apartment, so we wouldn’t be left in the street. This problem will be resolved quickly, forget about Valery Gelbakhiani and Patarkatsishvili; it is now irrelevant. You should repeat what Mamuka Akhvlediani told you; but just replace Gelbakhiani with Alasania and Patarkatsishvili with Ivanishvili”, - the respondent said.

“I directly blame Mamuka Akhvlediani, Gigi Ugulava and Zurab Adeishvili by means of factual evidences. I will present evidences to the public prosecutor and the investigation commission of the parliament. The main thing is that I’m going to stage a protest at the house of Mamuka Akhvlediani and go on a hunger strike. I invite him to a live TV talk show - let him answer me and my family. They took away my house, fraudulently appropriated the money allocated as the compensation for my apartment, and for the fact that I did not put up with this, they tried to use me in this dirty scheme. Mamuka Akhvlediani offered it to me, but the fact is that he could not have planned it alone”, concluded the respondent.