Exclusive: From football pitch to minister’s cabinet – Kakha Kaladze
22 December, 2012
What are the plans of the deputy prime minister and energy minister Kakha Kaladze? When did he first think about embarking on a political career, what was his dilemma in the issue, and how did he meet his first challenges?
Kaladze spoke about his decisions and future projects in an exclusive interview with Palitra TV.
For Kakha Kaladze, all his football nostalgia lies within this small item on his office work desk. This is probably how it is going to
be until his farewell match next spring.
After entering politics, he had to face numerous blows from the opponents directed at his ‘weak points’. They were unpleasant, but Kaladze says he was ready for ‘dirty tricks’, adding the negative publicity eventually worked in his favor.
Journalists also remember the difficulties of the pre-election time, although there were also some humorous episodes that need to be remembered. One of these moments by Kaladze would definitely make the top 10.
The second humorous episode happened during the first official meeting in the capacity of the minister.
The power outage at the ministry for a couple of minutes was not a tragedy, but for many Georgian families the issue in their homes remains one of the major troubles, especially if the tariffs, and the fact that they also concern cleaning bills, are taken into account.
Kaladze hopes to bring in some influential foreign friends and believes he can make many interesting offers to them.
One of the fields in which the ministry hopes to see investments is that of alternative energy sources. Kakha Kaladze revealed the information about the project to the Palitra TV audience.
Kaladze says interests of the country and transparency of the steps taken by the ministry are the main priorities of his work.

By Beka Paturashvili

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