Torturing with Brooms in Georgian Jails Revealed
27 December, 2012
Exclusive interview with Archil Kbilashvili, Prosecutor General

How easy is it to get accustomed with the new role of a Prosecutor General for the former barrister Archil Kbilashvili? What does he think about the much-talked-of detentions and what are his wishes to the Georgian society for the coming New Year? You will see the answers to these questions in the exclusive interview with Mr. Kbilashvili.
– The struggle for restoring the rule of law in the country on the part
of the new Georgian central authorities is often assessed by the western politicians and foreign press as the political persecution. Where does the borderline pass?
– The border-line goes on assertions. We publish all the documents of the issues that we are dealing with.
– However, the opposition often accuses you of detaining people on the basis of their testimony evidences, whereas there are much fewer assertions.
– If anybody wishes to discuss this topic, let’s take a concrete theme and concrete fact. We obtained some assertions around the case of General Giorgi Kalandadze on the particular episode, have declared about them and have made him answer for this. After some time, a new cascade of assertions has reached us and we have revealed another episode. On the basis of the latter, we have made Kalandadze answer for this again. If the assertions reach us again in the near future, we will not surrender because of the fact that he was made answer for three times and will not be able to make him answer for again.
As for the cases of former Minister Nika Gvaramia (who occupies the post of the Director General of the independent TV Channel Rustavi 2) some others, we will not possibly talk about the case of 11 volumes in the interview. The investigation procedures were continuing during one month and a half and the people in charge worked until late night at the Main Prosecutor’s Office. Everyone who has a wish to see the testimony evidences, piles of documents and transfers is welcome. We were studying this issue thoroughly for one and a half month. Can you imagine that one organization has transferred to another $1 million when the directors did not know each other? Is there any logic here? The organization that received one million, was formed a month earlier and imagine, this was its first operation ever, could it be? The founder and director of the organization is the court’s mandatory, who has absolutely no experience in business, neither any commercial background. He is just Nika Gvaramia’s friend.
– However, Inter-Rao-Ees declares that it really had an agreement with this company and was getting its service.
– We will return to this issue later. Nobody carries $1 million in his pocket. This sum of money should have been withdrawn from somewhere. The organization should have paid and Mr. Khetaguri (former Minister of Energy) has addressed to Nika Gvaramia in the elaboration process of this scheme to cope with this matter. Later on, the director of “Telasi” communicates with Gvaramia and this is the moment when Nemsitsveridze emerges who founds the firm and suddenly receives one million from the companies under the subordination of “Inter Rao-Ees”.
It has nothing to do with Rustavi 2 and its leadership. We have checked and Nika Gvaramia was appointed to the position of Director General of the said TV Channel on November 14, while we started the investigation on November 8. In the case, the matter related to the ex-premier Vano Merabishvili has also emerged. If you paid attention, there is one phrase, he says: “The later they return our money, more sweeter will it be for us”. If there is a poorly commercial communication between two companies, what has Merabishvili to do with that? Why does he inquire about this issue? Why have they taken money?
– Can we predict that Vano Merabisvhili will also be questioned?
– It will be logical, as he reveals some interest towards this matter and some knowledge too. Some people say that there is nothing special in his talks, but this is not the commercial thing. Such crimes are called “Crimes of White Collar” and they are particularly difficult to investigate, as it is the intellectual crime.
– Former Prosecutor General Zurab Adeishvili has also been summoned for questioning, but he did not appear.
– Presumably, a search will be declared.
However, there are much more important issues than that. The topic related to torturing with brooms in Georgian jails has been revealed. It has become known that that tape was videoed on the commission of the former Minister of Justice, which depicts the facts of torturing of prisoners. The aim was to overlap the materials piled by the former prison officer Bedukadze and abolition of quarantine. When they heard about the existence of the tape videoed by Bedukadze, the scene has been staged artificially. One tape was fixed a camera and they filmed the fact of beating the prisoners. This was stipulated by their wish to show to the society that the central authorities do not tolerate such facts in jails and reveal them themselves. They did not know beforehand, which film Bedukadze would reveal, all they knew was that he possessed such materials.
– Your co-fighters have criticized you because of the secret recordings.
– We come from the society where everyone and everything was recorded and therefore, such activities were considered to be illegal. However, the law says that if there is a permission from the court, such recordings are legal.
– Did there emerge any new circumstances in the investigation of the cases of former Premier Zurab Zhvania and Sandro Girgvliani?
– The issue of Girgvliani is progressing with a high speed. The case of Zurab Zhvania is much more complicated. In about one month’s time, we’ll declare Girgvliani’s case closed.