17 January, 2013
A new detail in ex-Premier Zurab Zhvania’s death

EX-Premier Zurab Zhvania’s death is the most important among the cases revision of which was launched by the Chief Prosecutor’s office. Earlier MP Gogla Zhvania (ex-Premier’s brother) accused Zurab Adeishvili (ex-Chief Prosecutor) in forging the documents connected with the death of the Premier: ‘Saakashvili personally headed the rigging of the death case. Food, borjomi and cognac were brought to the flat in advance. Giorgi Baramidze, Zurab Adeishvili and Vano Merabishvili participated in ‘staging’
the accident. Adeishvili was assigned to forge the documents of the case.’

We’ll remind you that Chief Prosecutor’s office blamed Adeishvili in forging the prison scandal. Namely, on Adeishvili’s instruction, former employees of 8th establishment, so-called ‘Basti’ and ‘Bubu’ beat the inmates in order to shoot a video and name the present Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili as the customer of the case. Presumably, Adeishvili should say whether Zhvania’s death was ‘staged’, and why and on whose order. We’ll remind you that Gogla Zhvania declared: ‘Zura was either to be arrested or killed. Both, I as well as Zura were warned about it. They simply said that Zura Zhvania would be got rid of. The person who had told us this is alive and he will say everything in due time.’
Victor Chelidze, captain first rank of intelligence service and former deputy chief of Navy makes a scandalous declaration and demands to be interrogated by the Chief Prosecutor’s office in connection with Zhvania’s case:
– I can prove everything I say by documents or confront those who will have to say the truth. As early as in September-October of 2004 I already knew that the authorities wanted to arrest Zhvania, i.e. 4-5 months earlier before his death. I personally brought the materials to Davit Kezerashvili who was chief of finance police and he on his part informed Zurab Adeishvili. When I asked him whether they would arrest him in case they had materials, he gaily responded that of course they would and cursed Zhvania.
Q. – What materials did you have and how did they turn up to be in your possession?
A. – They were given to me by Shakro Bakuradze, former military Prosecutor of Poti. By that time he was unemployed and I promised to recommend him to Kezerashvili. Shakro said, in case I’d do it, he could give ‘a good case’ to Kezerashvili because he knew that they wanted to arrest Zhvania and they could use the material. It was connected with squandering of money allotted for reconstruction of Poti port. I know that 70 million or even more was allotted by the USA for reconstruction and clearing of the port and it was to be carried out by a firm registered in Zugdidi. Nothing was done but the money vanished. That firm was quickly liquidated and as far as I remember one ship was even sunk; in a nutshell, the case was hushed up.
Q. – But what did Zurab Zhvania have to do with this case?
A. – I don’t remember the details, it was a dirty business. The materials are with Shakro Burkadze who is a prisoner now. He won’t say anything himself but if I speak to him he will have to confess in everything. In short, Adeishvili wanted to arrest Zhvania and he would do it but involvement of a representative of USA Embassy was figuring out in this corruption scheme and they didn’t bring investigation to its end and hushed up everything. One thing is also interesting – Zurab Adeishvili became General Prosecutor after June, 2004, in October he already had all the materials against Zhvania and on February 3, 2005 he died.
Q. – It was said that Adeishvili asked Belgium for political asylum.
A. – I would by all means learn about it if he came to Belgium. To receive political asylum here isn’t easy; it is connected with long procedures. In case his guilt is established Adeidhvili will by all means be extradited. Besides, there is a web-page that publishes the names of those persons who are granted political asylum by Belgium and since December not a single Georgian has been given it. I think Tsulukiani has exact information and indeed he is in Budapest.