August war research causes “frights”
24 April, 2014
August war research causes “frights”
The special state commission that was researching the reasons of the Georgia-Russia war of August 2008 has wrapped up its work. Defense Minister Irakli Alasania has stated that the results of the survey will be introduced to Georgian society soon, presumably, by the end of the month. The opposition UNM members claim that the research might be politically motivated, aiming at political pressure on the United National Movement members prior to the local self-government elections scheduled for June 15. The commission
was established at the Ministry of Defense in August 2013. According to the statements made by Minister Alasania then the research would not be political, it would be a military, tactical, operative and strategic evaluation of the combat operations with the goal of improving the future strategy of the Georgian army.
“We are expecting the presentation of this report by the General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces. I want to emphasize that this is not an investigation, but a research. We are going to introduce this report to the political leadership,” Alasania stated on April 21, repeating the same regarding the goals of the research.
Ani Mirotadze, member of the Georgian Dream coalition, states that neither this nor some other document can be used for political revenge in Georgia. “No one should speculate with a topic like the August war. I hope that the research will be public and that there will be no state secrecy,” Mirotadze said.
The UNM is not sure that the government will not use the document to oppress political opponents. “I do not want to believe that Alasania would be involved in the combat against the UNM. However, nothing is excluded,” Davit Darchiashvili from the UNM stated, adding that if the government just wished to study the military aspects of the war such report was made in 2009 with the participation of the Americans. “The report could be used for elaborating on the military doctrine,” Darchiashvili says.
After making the statement Irakli Alasania had an interview with Kviris Palitra newspaper, where he stated that it’s important for the future of the country to consider the dangers facing the country and not to show the world that we are split from the inside. “We’ll have to endure and forgive something to the National Movement,” Alasania stated.
Teona Akubardia, member of the non -governmental organization Civil Council of Defense and Security, states that the aim of the document is analyzing the mistakes. “Such document is made by each normal state, and such documents are used for the improvement of a state’s defense system. There will not be any speculations about political responsibility,” Akubardia states.
Military analyst Irakli Aladashvili told Georgian Journal that the creation of such a commission was “vitally” important as there were many facts and issues related to the war that were hidden by the previous government. “The research made under the UNM does not reflect the reality as the previous government was trying to display desirable as reality,” Aladashvili stated, adding that he was thinking about the necessity of such a commission from the very beginning.
“Unfortunately, I was not involved in the commission created under the Ministry of Defense under the new government. One of the reasons was that there might be some state secrecy,” Aladashvili stated. The analyst stressed that many facts were covered as state secrecy under the previous government to hide various mistakes that are connected with the death of Georgian soldiers and so on.
“We had such military training that we should have opposed worthily to the Russian forces. I do not say that we would have won. However, resistance should have been more worthy. There are still many officials in the army who should respond to the mistakes made,” Aladashvili said.
Tornike Shurghulaia head of Doctor’s Club, told Georgian Journal that he does not know how the government might act. “However, I would advise the government to set state interest above political rivalry,” Shurgulaia said, noting that if the document is used to study mistakes, it will be helpful for the state defense’s future development. “ If there are serious violations revealed by some officials, it is a different issue and it will require a different approach,” Shurghulaia stated.
Analyst Kakha Gogolashvili shares the vision that the document has no aim to be used against any political force. “However, it is important to see how it will be delivered to the public. Right conclusions should be made without agitate. No one aims to use the research for political revenge,” Gogolashvili said.
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