Kakha Kaladze - Georgia’s first lumbersexsual politician
09 January, 2015
Kakha Kaladze, the Vice-Prime Minister and the Minister of Energy of Georgia stands out from other politicians with his unique style. His distinctively different careers and occupations, not to mention his designer wife have influenced the evolution of his style.

Since his active involvement in politics, his style has changed and now he appears in public clad like businessmen.Though, he always manages to be distinct by applying some accessories and geotv.gecolorful tissues.

Over the last two months he has been sporting a
fine beard, giving him somewhat authoritative look. It is obvious that the Vice-PM is trying to follow the latest trends. He can be considered as the first lumbersexsual icon among Georgian politicians. The reason being: long but well kept beard, plain clothes, mostly
T-shirts and flannels.

This kind of style has spread throughout the whole world, eclipsing the metrosexual trend. Lumbersexsuals mostly work in new technology field and have high salary.

In addition, lumbersexsuals are refined men, have good taste and well kept hair and beards .They are dressed in such a way to give the impression as that they don’t care much about their clothes.