Why tolerate this?
27 January, 2011
Why tolerate this?

This is the excerpt from the conversation over the Internet between the father who is living and working in Tbilisi and the Daughter who goes to school in Moscow and lives there.

Daughter: Dad, have you heard this terrible news about Domodedovo Airport explosion? I want u to know that we are all OK, don’t get nervous.
Father: Honey, I am not nervous at all. I am simply worried about the general situation in Russia. What do you think is

happening or might happen in the nearest future?
Daughter: The worst thing is that nobody is really shocked – it is kind of a routine, particularly in Moscow. Even less than a year has passed since the latest attack in Moscow metro. And it seems that the government is not able to do anything or simply does not want to do anything because it feels no responsibility before and for its citizens. It can’t protect people . . .
Father: My sweet child, the explosion in the streets of Moscow is just another episode of violence in your beautiful land. This is a violent world. As simple as that, baby! What bothers me more incisively is the attitude of the Russian people in general whom I love sincerely and whole heatedly. I grew up in the depth of the Russian culture, I have made the Russian language my next native tongue, I received the most valuable part of my education in Russia, having crowned it with my doctoral thesis and degree in Russia, I have worked with wonderful Russian men and women, I have spent best years of my life in Russia, I have a daughter who is practically Russian and finally I am married to a Russian lady. You see how profound is my touch with Russia? But at the same time I have a sense of bitterest frustration with the Russian people asking them a couple of straight questions: Who do they tolerate the government they have - the powerful, experienced wise and talented Russian people. Why can’t they get rid of the rulers who are against the historical will of the Great Russian People? What are they afraid of? Where has the sense of pride and dignity gone of the entire Russian people? The whole country knows that the last thing the current Russian government cares about is the protection and solid security for the Russian people. And the people still tolerate the rulers they have - classical example of dictators of bygone times, equipped with modern gadgets and clothes. Where are the Russian intelligentsia, the Russian elite, Russian leaders whose main job is to help people discern between right and wrong. Why do they keep mum? What are they so scared of? I have always thought that sense of fright was not known to Russians. Have they totally altered in character? What is the source of this flagrant degeneration? What is the motivation for enduring all the shit they are head and shoulders deep into? Are they not embarrassed in front of the rest of the civilized world? Where are the youth of Russia? Do they really think that the government they currently enjoy deserves to be sitting and operating under the glorious Kremlin roof? For how long will they be letting those political gangsters manipulate within the maze of the overwhelming power they are exuding with the purpose of subjugating and befuddling those stupefied subjects of theirs? Is there any help looming on the horizon?
Daughter: This atrocious incident at the airport cannot be taken easy. Something drastic has to be done without any delay.
Father: The explosion out there is just a bite of a flea on the monster’s body. You guys need an explosion within yourselves in order for the amazing Russian culture and gene to remain safe and sound. You, just all of you need to immediately start thinking better and acting more vigorously. Inertness and indifference might be equal of a clearly imminent disaster. There is no time to waste! There is no room in Russia for the rulers who hate their motherland! There is no way for Russia to be headed against what the modern civilization suggests. Do you understand, darling? Do you know what I am talking about? Russia deserves much better than it is compelled to tolerate now! Is what I have said bothering you too much? Please forgive if you can, but do you want to live with this? Why? And for how long?
Daughter: Dad, you are right and I understand very well what you mean. We need changes; we need to think more about the country – not only about our private goals. But I think that people in Russia are not as passive as everybody got used to think, and soon we will demonstrate that we have political will and ambitions to live in a freer country.
Father: I wish you guys well . . .


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