Eyewitness report: “President Margvelashvili jumped down from his car, helped the lady up, put her in a taxi and ran back”
02 July, 2015
Ucha Khvedelidze, employee of Georgia’s Education Ministry, described on his Facebook page a peculiar event he had recently witnessed. It features two characters: President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili and an elderly woman.
“I was on my way to work in the morning when something quite interesting caught my eye. What I saw might be out of character for Georgian politicians and thus unexpected and surprising for Georgians, but I will still tell it the way it was.
So, I was crossing
Tabidze Bridge and saw an elderly lady across the road suddenly stumble and fall. Nobody was around to help her except for me, so I immediately headed her way. Before I managed to cross the road, two Toyota SUVs screeched to a halt next to the old lady. President Margvelashvili jumped down from one of them, helped her up, talked briefly to her, then hailed a taxi and helped her get inside. He paid the cabbie, sent him on its way, then jumped back into his SUV and drove off. It happened so fast that I didn’t have time to fully realize what happened, let alone cross the road and approach them,” wrote Mr. Khvedelidze.
Anuki Lomidze, another Facebook user, has published a photo of the incident that she managed to take before the president left the scene. “I am sorry for not snapping it earlier, but it all happened very fast. The taxi you can see in the picture is the one where the President seated the old lady; you can see him running from it to his SUV,” she explained.