Kyiv’s new traffic police pledge not to take bribes - Eka Zghuladze on Euronews
06 July, 2015
Ukraine’s top leaders watched as the capital’s new traffic police force underwent its passing out ceremony in Kyiv on Saturday, Euronews reports.

Until now the police has been seen as one of the most corrupt institutions. So officials hope the roughly 2,000 new recruits will help stamp out graft and improve the force’s image.

As well as training by instructors from the US, Canada and Japan, police officers will be paid more than their predecessors.

Ekaterine “Eka” Zguladze, Ukraine’s deputy first
minister of internal affairs told euronews: “The salary of a new recruit starts at 8 thousand grivnas (342 euros). It’s not millions, but it’s something on which you can live and sustain your family. We hope that there will be very few incidents of corruption. What is corruption? It’s a crime, simple, full-stop.”

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