“I recommend to everyone to see Georgian dancing” – James Appathurai
25 May, 2016
Special representative of NATO's Secretary General for the Caucasus and Central Asia James Appathurai, publishes a post about Georgian dances.

Appathurai is currently visiting Georgia on an official visit. He has found time to see some cultural events and apparently is very excited.

He advises everyone to visit this country and given the chance, see this part of Georgian culture.

“In Georgia for Security and Defence Conference, and for talks to help prepare the Warsaw Summit. But of course in
Georgia there is always a cultural event: I recommend to everyone to see Georgian dancing if they get the chance,” – Appathurai’s Facebook post reads.

NATO Secretary General's Special Representative’s official visit in Georgia began yesterday and he is holding meetings focused on preparations for the Warsaw Summit.

This is not the first case when James Appathurai has expressed his admiration of Georgian culture.

It turns out that he is quite fond of Georgian artist Nino Chakvetadze’s paintings and even got a calendar with her works as a gift from a Georgian journalist.

Moreover, he visited Nino Chakvetadze’s house last year and was gifted with her painting to which Appathurai commented: “There will now be a little more Georgia (hanging) in NATO!”

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