Special squad mobilized at Marneuli polling station as clashes occur
08 October, 2016
A special squad has been mobilized at the 48th polling station in Marneuli, Kvemo Kartli region.

Majoritarian candidate from National Movement Ahmet Imamkuliev has told IPN agency about this.

According to him clashes have occurred between representatives of Georgian Dream and Paata Burchuladze’s party.

The candidate says the building windows have been broken. “I was told they threw stones and sticks to each other. Special squad and police officers are mobilized at the scene,” Imamkuliev has said.

As Georgia’s Interior
Ministry says situation is under control at the Marneuli polling station. Police officers are trying to stabilize the situation.

Nobody has been arrested as a result of the clashes.

As reported, unknown people tried to falsify elections at the polling station that was followed with the clashes.

National Movement accuses Georgian Dream of causing the uproar and Georgian Dream vice versa.

According to the information spread by the United National Movement (UNM), the polling box was forcibly taken from the 36th district’s 48th polling station in Marneuli Municipality, southeastern Georgia.

Giorgi Tughushi, one of the leaders of UNM party says the polling station was sacked by Georgian Dream (GD) supporters.

“This is a very serious incident that took place in Marneuli. The activists of GD sacked a polling station. They threw stones and used bludgeons. According to the information we have, a polling box is taken from the station and police was unable to stop the marauders,” Tughushi said.

He also added that before the incident, the majoritarian candidate of GD, Tamaz Naveriani had visited other polling stations accompanied with several ‘bouncer-like’ individuals.

The executive secretary of GD, Irakli Kobakhidze accuses National Movement of organizing this incident and says that UNM activists physically confronted GD activists and police officers.

Meanwhile a representative of Central Election Commision does not confirm the information according to which a polling box was stolen from the polling station. The CEC speaker Ana Mikeladze says no such fact has taken place.

Video courtesy of Rustavi 2 TV
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