Kakheti region among 15 perfect places for Americans to emigrate to – The Telegraph
09 November, 2016
There's been a spike in online searches by desperate Americans considering emigration following Donald Trump's shock election victory. “Need to put an ocean between yourself and Mr Trump? Then try these tempting alternatives”, The Telegraph says and brings several places where Americans can leave for. Georgias eastern regiosn of Kakheti is among them.

Where you live: Sonoma

Where you should move to: Georgia

"Just think of the acreage you could buy in Kakheti if you sold off your land in Sonoma"
- The Telegraph

Californians have a habit of being more than a little bit smug about their produce – the glories of which are not always immediately evident on the shelves of Trader Joe’s. Pack up your taste for tilling and take it eastwards, to Georgia. Not the state – you’ll be Trumped there – but the country. Specifically, to Kakheti, the country’s eastern food and wine growing region. Did you know that they’ve been making natural wine in Georgia for 8,000 years? This is the new California, and you should be there.”

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