Tbilisi mayor candidate Aleko Elisashvili to fix parking issues and revitalize the city in case of victory
19 July, 2017

Tbilisi Mayor and Local Self-Government Elections are approaching, so candidates are actively engaged in election campaign. Among them is Aleko Elisashvili, an independent member of Tbilisi City Council (Sakrebulo).

Elisashvili is widely known for his harsh criticism toward the government and loud statements. Now he plans to continue political activities as a Tbilisi Mayor.

Candidate for Tbilisi Mayor explained how he intends to solve the problems in Tbilisi and said that it might have to undergo painful reforms.

As the
mayor candidate says, he is going to bring significant changes to the city that will benefit the citizens.

“Today we face many problems in Tbilisi, such as traffic, poisonous air, chaotic constructions and parking lots. I do not have any illusions about changing situation as soon as I’ll become a mayor, but slowly, with hard work, we must do everything to have a healthy air, a lot of green, well-organized, ecologically clean public transport system, etc..”, - He reports.

As Alekos says, he will also fix the issue with parking spaces.

“I will announce a new tender for selecting new company for parking regulation. A company focused on the creation of parking infrastructure should be working in the city. Regulated infrastructure is not dyed and painted sidewalks, but also adequate underground and ground parking lots and a company which will won the tender must have the condition to create it. Everything that has been going on over the past 25 years should be stopped. I know exactly how to do this, because I have been fighting for Tbilisi for 10 years and I am familiar with problems of the city”, - He reports.

As Aleko Elisashvili says, the mayor of Tbilisi should be strong enough to take a decision which might be often unacceptable by other people, but vital for the wellbeing of the city.

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