Who will become Tbilisi Mayor? - Georgia holds local elections
21 October, 2017
Georgia holds elections of city councils and mayors. The voters will elect 2058 members of 64 city councils and 64 mayors.

22 political parties, five election blocs, and one initiative group is registered at the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia, and 200 initiative groups are registered by District Election Commissions (DEC) for October 21, 2017 Municipal Elections.

369 mayoral candidates are registered, including 13 in Tbilisi for upcoming elections. A number of registered majoritarian candidates amounts
to 4727. According to party lists, a number of candidates running for Sakrebulo membership stand as 12 902.

3,644 polling stations are fully ready (including 10 election precincts created in exceptional cases) to conduct elections.

More than 54 000 representatives of elections subjects (54 389), more than 20 000 (20 641) representatives of local observer organizations and 581 observers from international organizations will observe the elections.

More than 4000 (4 820) journalists cover the election process.

Who will become Tbilisi Mayor? - Georgia holds local elections