Edison Research exit polls final results say Kakha Kaladze gets 54% of votes
22 October, 2017
The final results of the exit polls, conducted by "Edison Research" have been published.

The organization conducted the polls as ordered by Rustavi 2 TV Company.

According to the data, Georgian Dream mayoral candidate Kakha Kaladze has got 54% of the votes, Zaal Udumashvili, - 16% and
independent candidate Aleko Elisashvili,- 15%.

Elene Khoshtaria from " European Georgia " - 7%, Irma Inashvili, -" Alliance of Patriots"- 3%, Kakha Kukava - "Democratic Movement - Free Georgia" 2%,
Giorgi Vashadze -
New Georgia - 2%, Giorgi Gugava – Labor Party – 1%.

Under the final results of the polls, the Georgian Dream candidate enjoys the highest rating in Kutaisi .

Georgian Dream mayoral candidate Giorgi Jighvaria has got 56 % of the votes and Grigol Vashadze, United National Movement’s candidate has got 26% of votes in Kutaisi, Imereti region.

Voters’ activity was 45.64% throughout Georgia Georgia’s Central Election Commission has published the final data regarding voters’ activity.

As reported by CEC Speaker Ana Mikeladze, all polling stations were closed at 20:00.

According to preliminary data, 45.64% voters’ activity was observed throughout Georgia. It means that 1 570 500 people made their choices.

Tbilisi saw 43.4% voter turnout.