Alexandre Elisashvili congratulates Kakhi Kaladze on victory
22 October, 2017
Anyone should be able to recognize the election results. So I congratulate Kakhi Kaladze on the victory, - said Alexandre Elisashvili, independent mayoral candidate, at a briefing in his headquarters.

According to Aleksandre Elisashvili, there was an unequal struggle in the self-government elections and the mayoral candidate of the ruling party managed to win.

“The battle was very unequal during the pre-election period. We saw that tens of millions of GEL were legally or illegally registered, there was massive support
from the governmental media and terrible campaign against me in social networks; security was also actively involved. Yesterday we saw very unacceptable facts when the ruling party took people to the polling stations. However, despite this, the results of the Central Election Commission are official”, he said, adding that he wanted to establish new political culture and wished success to Kakha Kaladze.

Aleko Elisashvili also thanked his staff and supporters.