Georgian government launches Abkhazian Language Protection and Development Program
27 October, 2017
The Georgian government has been working on establishment of the Abkhazian Language Protection and Development State Program, - Georgia’s Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili has declared at today’s session.

He has congratulated October 27 – The Day of Abkhazian Language on all, especially Abkhazian brothers and sisters.

‘I would like to raise an initiative. We are working on creation of the Abkhazian Language Protection and Development State Program. From our po
int of view, the program will be a very significant basis in terms of confidence restoration. It envisages diverse events and measures. The relevant funds will be allocated and I believe the society will be intensively involved in the program implementation. I believe our comprehensive and frank attitude to the Abkhazian language and culture will be very important in terms of restoration the burnt bridges between us that are of utmost significance,’ Kvirikashvili has remarked.

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