CRRC – Respondents name US as Georgia’s main friend, Russia – as main enemy
01 February, 2018
According to the survey "Caucasus Barometer 2017", 25 percent of respondents consider that the US is a main friend of Georgia, 7 percent of the interviewees have named Azerbaijan, 7 percent - Ukraine, 6 percent – Turkey and 6 percent - Russia. 17% of respondents believe that no country is a friend of Georgia, 25 percent- do not have the answer to the question.

As for the country’s main enemy, 40 percent of respondents consider that it is Russia, 3%
- name Turkey, 6% - other countries, 21% consider that Georgia does not have any enemy country, 30% does not have any answer to this question.

The Caucasus Barometer conducts surveys in Georgia within the frames of the New York Carnegie Corporation grant. The Caucasus Barometer is a regional project. It uses the same methodology for carrying out the survey in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Field works of the survey conducted between September 23 and October 10, 2017 and a total of 2 379 respondents were interviewed. The average margin of error is 2%.

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