Congressman Ted Poe says Georgia has the most powerful democracy in the region
08 February, 2018
Georgia has been the most powerful democracy in the region and Putin believes that if he defeats Georgia, he can defeat the former Soviet states, - Ted Poe, the chairman of the Georgian Friends' Group in the US Congress, said at the event held in honor of the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia.

The congressman started his speech by thanking Georgian soldiers. Ted Poe said that Georgian soldiers perform a tremendous job in Afghanistan and provide valuable assistance to
their co-fighters.

The Chairman of the Group of Friends spoke about the common values of Georgia and the United States. According to him, Georgia has a difficult neighborhood and Russian President Putin still has the desire to return former Soviet republics and for this reason, he attacked Georgia as the most powerful democratic country in the region.

"Georgia has a difficult neighborhood. If you look around, you’ll see the Russian bear that is not really friendly”, he said.

Ted Poe also recalled his visit to Georgia in 2008 and emphasized that Russia has illegally occupied Georgian territories. According to him, this is the United States policy that will not change.

Speaking of the importance of democracy, the Chair of the Group of Friends said that "democracy indeed works in Georgia".

"We want to help you improve your democracy. Democracy is a difficult task. Sometimes it may seem that democracy does not work, but it is not so. When people can express different opinions and when you have a speaker that ensures that everyone can take part in this process, it shows that democracy indeed works in Georgia”, said Ted Poe.

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