US Ambassador: “If you are not finding the narrative, somebody else up north will find it for you”
20 February, 2018
It is important Georgia to develop a strategic plan for communicating within Georgia and outside Georgia, - US Ambassador to Georgia Ian Kelly said at the opening of the cycle of training on strategic communication issues.

“What is our interest is that you get closer and closer to the West, that you join NATO, that you joint the EU and it is absolutely critical that you have public support, that you have very clear messages so that people can understand
why it is in their interest to join the western community and not the northern community. And you need to articulate these messages in a way that they can understand them and therefore, keep their support”, said the Ambassador.
Ian Kelly with Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili

According to him, Georgians need to find the narrative for their country themselves.

“I can guarantee that if you are not finding the narrative, somebody else up north will find it for you or finance and empower the actors within Georgian society that define different narrative that is not in your interest”, said the Ambassador.

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