After ten years from the 2008 war, borderization continues
04 August, 2018
It is ten years since the 2008 August war between Russia and Georgia. Despite international sanctions and different resolutions from the western allies supporting territorial integrity of Georgia, nothing has changed. Russia continues what we call “Borderization”. They change administrative borders and push them deeper into Georgia…

NBC News has published an article dedicated to tenth anniversary of Russo-Georgian war, where they describe the situation along the so called border between Georgia and the Tskhinvali Region (Also called South Ossetia).
Russian soldiers
standing on a tank in front of cows

In the August war 850 people were killed and 192,000 were displaced from their homes. They still cannot return to their villages. Moreover, if someone accidentally crosses the so called border, Russian security officers will detain them. Usually it takes several days, sometimes months until they release detained people.
Russian military convoy entering Georgia

The situation today is really dire – the borderization continues, along the border ther are people who still live in villages and do not want to leave their homes.
Russian tanks enter Georgian territory

If the trend continues, one day, they may wake up on the annexed territory…

View full story from NBC News here.

First photo courtesy: metonome.ge

Other photo courtesy: archive.boston.com

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