Why does the Georgians love John McCain?
27 August, 2018
John McCain, Senator, and former Presidential candidate of the USA died on the 25th of August, 2018. He was diagnosed with lioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer last year. He underwent treatment for his condition but was informed that his condition was likely to be terminal. Only one day before his death, he announced that he was stopping his medical treatment.

He was re-elected as a Senator 6 times and in 2008, became a Presidential candidate, eventually losing to Barack
Obama. His father and grandfather were both Navy Admirals. Mc Cain himself was an airman and participated in the Vietnam War as a bomber pilot. He was a Vietnam prisoner of war for 5 and a half years after his plane was brought down by a missile.
John McCain at the occupational line, Photo courtesy: www.imtavroba.ge

John McCain was a great friend and supporter of Georgia,lobbying the interests of this country on an international platform. He expressed solidarity with Georgians during the August war between Russia and Georgia in 2008:

“As you know, over the past several days we’ve seen that international aggression is, tragically, not a thing of the past. We thought we had put a lot of that behind us at the end of the 20th century. But now it’s rearing its ugly head in the 21st. The small nation of Georgia has been the subject of Russian attacks that threaten its very existence. Some Americans, when they read this news, may wonder where Georgia is or why we should care about the conflict between Georgian and the Russian army. It is after all a small, remote and obscure place, but history is often made in remote, obscure places.”

He said he spoke with Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili to make sure he knew "that the thoughts, prayers and support of the American people are with that great little nation as it struggles today" for independence.
John McCain and Mikheil Saakashvili, Photo courtesy: www.on.ge

"I told him that I knew that I spoke for every American when I said to him, today, we are all Georgians," McCain said to loud applause. He said Saakashvili asked him to express his thanks to the American people.”

On the 26th of August, Georgian citizens lit candles on a major street of the capital, Tbilisi to remember John McCain. This reflected their gratitude to the Senator for his continued support, to Georgia during their hard times with Russia.

First photo courtesy: www.allnews.ge

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