Travel between Ukraine and Georgia for both countries’ citizens to be allowed only by electronic ID cards
29 August, 2018
The Prime Minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze has announced that the citizens of Georgia and Ukraine will be able to travel in and out of both countries using only electronic ID cards. The news aims to strengthen Georgia’s friendship with Ukraine and to develop economic and touristic bonds between the countries.

Georgian citizens have been allowed to travel to Turkey with only ID cards since 2012. The Prime Minister has stated that the government is going to use a similar approach
relating to other countries.

"It is important for us to develop a new potential for tourism and to take advantage of Georgia’s geographical location. Consequently, we have made a decision and on the basis of bilateral relations with Ukraine, citizens will have the right to travel between both countries using just electronic ID cards. This will promote the development of tourism, as well as further economic cooperation in general. In addition, we are planning the use of a similar approach relating to other countries too and we will provide information about this in the near future,” said the Prime Minister.
Both countries (Ukraine and Georgia) share similar values and both aspire to join the European Union and NATO. Ukraine is one of the biggest and the most important trading partners for Georgia. There is also a mutual partnership between the leading universities of both countries. The key to continued friendship with Ukraine is to share each other’s successful experiences and reforms and to discuss further how to develop the relationship in other areas .

First photo courtesy: www.guardian.ge

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