Young people detained by occupying forces in the Truso gorge
30 August, 2018
Some young Georgian hikers have recently been detained by armed forces in the Truso gorge. They have been accused of illegally crossing the so-called border into the occupied Tskhinvali region. The young walkers headed off on their hiking trip last Friday and arrived at the Truso gorge on Saturday. Individuals within the group of hikers were contacted by their parents on Sunday evening before being cutting off.

There has been no official confirmation as to why the Georgian hikers were detained
by the military forces and then taken to Tskhinvali military base. Equally there has been little concrete information as to if and when they will be released.

The Truso Gorge is situated within the disputed/occupied area of South Ossetia.It is one of the most attractive spots for hikers and tourists to Georgia. Before the detention, it was not thought that hiking in this area was a risk or life-threatening.

It is been alleged that the hikers were in fact captured on territory controlled by Georgia. The truth as to whether occupying forces have crossed the border or not will be known after the release of the hikers. According to the information received from the EU Monitoring Mission's hot line, it is believed that the detained citizens will be released today.

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