Four Russian Journalists have not been allowed to enter Georgia
05 September, 2018
Three members of the Russian delegation were not allowed to enter Georgia as this would have violated the Law on the Occupied Territories of Georgia. Viktor Litovkin, military correspondent for the Russian state news agency "ITAR-TASS", Gennady Bodryugov, President of the International Council of the Association of Russian Society Researchers and НТВ journalist Aleksandr Tokarev were refused entry into Georgia. The chief editor of the newspaper “North Ossetia”, historian Alan Kasay, was not allowed to cross the Larsi customs checkpoint.
protestors talking to one of the representatives of the forum

Viktor Litovkin has recently suggested that Georgia’s joining of NATO would only be possible if Georgia accepted the independence of the occupied territories. As for Gennady Bodryugov, he apparently has said to the media in Armenia that Georgians will one day have to accept the fact that the occupied territories no longer belong to their country.

They were planning to attend the international South Caucasus media forum in Georgia, funded by the Russian President’s Foundation. Russian experts will also conduct master classes for Georgia journalists. Representatives at the forum are thought to be focusing on anti-western propaganda.

The civil movement “Russia is an Occupier”, some opposition parties and Georgian citizens are now protesting at the media forum funded by Vladimir Putin. They believe anything that is funded by the president of Russia is extremely harmful to Georgia. Some of the representatives at the forum labelled the protest as “Soviet Provincialism”, while others did not understand why the people outside the hotel were protesting against the forum. The protesters required from the representatives of the forum to firmly state that Russia is an occupier and it continues with creeping encroachment on the territory of Georgia.
The protesters reminded the government that the occupiers and the forums funded by Vladimir Putin should not be welcomed with feasts in Georgia

It turns out that it is the fourth time the forum has been taking place in Georgia. But it is the first time information about the forum has been available to the wider public. The protesters think that the government of Georgia has not taken reasonable steps towards the occupation issue, the comments of the representatives at the forum and the anti-western propaganda facilitated by Vladimir Putin’s funded media forum.

Photo courtesy: www.facebook.com/RussiaIsOccupier/

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