Use of plastic bags to be reduced from the 1st of October
12 September, 2018
Within the framework of the Green Economics and Environmental Protection Policy the Georgian government has approved new regulations which will take effect from the 1st of October. According to the new regulations, the government intends that there be a gradual reduction in the use of plastic bags.

The announcement was made by the Georgian PM Mamuka Bakhtadze.

The PM pointed out that the government is actively implementing
the Green Economics policy.
Lots of environmental problems are created in Georgia because of the plastic bags. Photo courtesy: allnews.ge

He admitted that nearly every country has now started a war against plastic packages and bags. “The environment is polluted mainly with plastics, especially with the widely used plastic bags” – he said.

“This problem has dramatic importance for our country. That is why we plan to gradually reduce the use of plastic bags in Georgia from the 1st of October” – PM said.

First photo courtesy: observer.com

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