Anti-occupation movement Power Is in Unity starts patrolling in Davit Gareji from today
07 May, 2019
The anti-occupation movement Power Is in Unity is starting patrolling on the territory of the Davit Gareji monastery today, says one of the founders of the anti-occupation movement, Davit Katsarava. "Today we start patrolling on the Davit Gareji territory, which will be absolutely peaceful. Our aim is primarily to prevent creation of an informational vacuum that often affects the interests of our states. I mean what has lately happened in Davit Gareji, when there was a 3-day vacuum andthe society was
not informed about the problem at all. We learned only on the 4th day that Azeri border guards had crossed the border and roads leading to the church. So our movement will be more of an anti-occupation format, than a public movement”, Davit Katsarava said.

According to him, they will not have a direct contact with the Azeri border guards.

“Our priority area will be the tourist zone. We cannot see the need for being involved in other areas at this stage”, Davit Katsarava said.

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