Skepticism grows about Mikheil Saakashvili's political perspective in Ukraine
03 June, 2019
Ukrainian Politician Scientist Vyacheslav Fesenko assesses Mikheil Saakashvili's comeback in Ukraine and shows skepticism over his future. According to him, since the rating of the Zelensky's team has sharply gone up, Saakashvili's party has no chance to get into Rada.

“Now the situation is different. Will he fight against Zelensky? But Zelenskiy has restored his citizenship. So, against whom will he fight? I'm skeptical about his political perspective. In addition, according to the Ukrainian Constitution, he can not participate in the
parliamentary elections. Individual politicians can not influence the partner relations of two countries. Both countries have common interests in connection with the EU. Therefore, the Ukrainian authorities should not take the steps that can trigger problems in the Ukrainian-Georgian relations, it also concerns Saakashvili. He has friends in Zelensky's team, but Everyone in Zelensky's team knows it well that Saakashvili can be a very difficult ally, he is like a slow bomb and can become a dangerous rival tomorrow. The movement of New Forces had a 2% rating, while the threshold is - 5%, now it is a very difficult situation, the rating of the Zelensky's team has sharply gone up, Saakashvili's party has no chance to get into Rada. In addition, Saakashvili does not have the legal basis to enter the Parliament. His party will have less chance without Saakashvili, "said the political scientist.
Ukrainian Politician Scientist Vyacheslav Fesenko

According to Vyacheslav Fesenko, the President of Ukraine was driven by a tactical goal when he restored Mikheil Saakashvili’s Ukrainian citizenship.

"Some of his friends from Zelenskiy's team can lobby Saakashvili, but the majority are critical. I think the team was driven by a pragmatic, tactical goal. Let's imagine that Saakashvili returned to Ukraine, but he was not allowed to enter. It would have been scandal. Therefore, he has restored his [Ukrainian] citizenship. Tomorrow, Saakashvili may start criticizing Zelensky in the future," Fesenko said.

As for the political future of the former president of Georgia, Vyacheslav Fesenko considers that Mikheil Saakashvili should decide where to stay - in Georgia or Ukraine.

“He must decide where is his homeland - in Georgia or Ukraine. Trying attement to sit on two chairs is a bit unethical. If he wants to stay in Ukraine politics, he should find out what his mission is, whether he promotes reforms. Who is he : Ukrainian or Georgian politician? In the best case he can become an oppositionist or will try to become Zelensky’s ally, but I doubt be can become the member of his team,” Vyacheslav Fesenko said.

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