Government agrees to one of the protesters demands: Proportional Elections in 2020
24 June, 2019
The government has agreed to hold proportional parliamentary elections in Georgia in 2020. Bidzina Ivanishvili made the relevant announcement at the briefing held in the Georgian Dream office. According to him, the 2020 parliamentary elections will be conducted with zero election barrier.

Georgian Dream members had been holding consultations since morning. They held a political board meeting and an extended meeting of the parliamentary majority, the topic of which was the demands of the demonstrators.

Conduct of proportional elections in 2020
was one of the main demands of the participants of the peaceful demonstrations held in front of the Parliament building since 20th of June. According to the organizers, the demonstrations will continue unless all their demands are responded. The protesters demand the resignation of Interior Minister Giorgi Gakharia, the release of people detained on the 20th of June and the investigation of police misconduct.

Angered by the presence of Sergei Gavrilov in Georgia, the citizens gathered at the Parliament building in Tbilisi to protest Russian occupation in Georgia on the 20th of June. Sergei Gavrilov, a deputy of the Russian Duma from the Communist Party was leading the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy at that time. When a photo of him sitting in the Chairman’s chair in the Parliament of Georgia on the 20th of June was spread, opposition parties, as well as ordinary citizens, called on the authorities to take proper measures.
The assembly was canceled and Sergei Gavrilov left Georgia but the demonstrations against Russian occupation continued. Protesters demanded the resignation of the Chairperson of the Parliament Irakli Kobakhidze. During the demonstration on the 20th of June, a small group of protesters was said to be encouraged by a number of opposition leaders to storm the Parliament building. Police used tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannon to stop protesters entering the country’s parliament. Dozens of Injured police officers, civilians and journalists were taken to the hospital. Two civilians had to undergo enucleation procedure. Law enforcers detained a number of demonstrators. On the 21st of June, Irakli Kobakhidze resigned.

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