Court releases Nika Melia on GEL 30, 000 bail
27 June, 2019
The Tbilisi City Court sentenced Nika Melia to GEL 30, 000 bail at today’s court hearing. The prosecution filed a motion, requesting pre-trail detention and the defense lawyers requested – a GEL 10 000 bail in exchange for Melia’s release.

Yesterday, the Parliament of Georgia supported suspension of Nika Melia's MPs immunity. The relevant decision was supported by 91 MPs and none of the MP's voted against.

The decision followed the Prosecutors Office’s request of June 25, charging MP Melia for
inciting and heading mass violence during June 20-21 developments.

An investigation against Melia has been launched under article 225 of Georgia’s Criminal Code, involving organization, participation and leading a group activity accompanied by violence.

Nika Melia says the court decision was unexpected for him.

“How did the prosecutor manage to convince 93 lawmakers of my guilty and could not persuade the court of it? It’s a political decision. They were afraid,” Nika Melia told InterPressNews after a court trail today.

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