Adam Kinzinger speaks about bipartisan support to Georgia at GDSC
06 November, 2019
Republicans and Democrats disagree in many things but we are united when it has to do with Georgia, American Congressman Adam Kinzinger said at the 13th Georgia Defense and Security Conference (GDSC) that is underway in Batumi, Adjara region of Georgia.

Adam Kinzinger commented on about the approval of the resolution in support of Georgia by the US House of Representatives.

"It focuses on Russia's recognition of Georgia's occupation, on the right of the people of Georgia to determine for themselves
who their government is. This gives the possibility of sanctioning those involved in the occupation of Georgia. The most important thing is that the act is bipartisan - we, Democrats and Republicans, disagree on some issues, but when it comes to Georgia and a number of foreign issues, we are united, " Adam Kinzinger said.

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