US provides $132 025 000 aid to Georgia
24 December, 2019
US budget law provides increased financial assistance to Georgia and still contains a record on non-recognition of Georgia's occupied regions. According to the Georgian MFA, US President Donald Trump has signed Consolidated Appropriations Act for 2020 fiscal year, approved by Congress.

The Foreign Ministry said that the law sets the US priorities for support and assistance for partner countries. It is noteworthy that the 2020 fiscal year law contains an important record in terms of de-occupation and non-recognition of Georgia’s occupied

"It should be noted that the law also provides for an unprecedented increase in budgetary allocations for Georgia. The Act also reads that any central government, which recognizes the independence of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali (South Ossetia) regions, occupied by Russia or establishes diplomatic ties with them, will not receive financial support allocated under the mentioned law,” the Foreign Ministry said.

MFA also underlines that Consolidated Appropriations Act calls on the Treasury Department to give appropriate instructions to the US executive directors of the international financial institutions not to support any programnme which will violate Georgian sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“The 2020 Act provides increased support for Georgia - $132 025 000, which is the highest figure in Georgian-US relations,” the Georgian Foreign Ministry said.

Photo courtesy: usafa.edu

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