Unrest in Abkhazia, de facto parliament asks president to resign
10 January, 2020
MPs of the de facto parliament of occupied Abkhazia adopted a draft resolution calling on Raul Khajimba to resign from the post of "head of state." 19 “deputies” voted “for”, four - “against”, one abstained.

Earlier, “parliamentarians” sent to Khajimba all the requirements of the protesters. This was reported to journalists by "deputy" Leonid Chamagua. According to him, Khajimba replied that he was not ready to make such a decision.

On the 9th of January, dozens of demonstrators broke in to
the authorities’ headquarters in Abkhazia and demanded resignation of Raul Khajimba.

Situation in Abkhazia was tense on the 10th of January as well.

According to Abkhaz media, sounds of shooting were heard in the morning in Sukhumi, but the so-called the minister of internal affairs declares that there was no shooting at the “presidential administration”.

“I am here on the spot. I have never heard shots” - said Rauli Smyr.

According to him, the main task of law enforcement officers is to prevent a physical confrontation between supporters of the opposition and the "government."

“We are on duty. Our business is that there is no clash, there is no bloodshed” - Smyr says. Protesters demand the resignation of de facto President Raul Khajimba and recognition of the results of the so-called presidential elections invalid, earlier they broke into the administration building of the so-called the president.

The second round of the so-called presidential elections were held in Abkhazia on September 8 last year. According to the de-facto election commission, Raul Khajimba got 47.39% and 46.17% of the population voted for Alkhas Kvitsinia. The opposition does not recognize the results of the elections and calls for its annulment.

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