The U.S providing $170 million for military aid to Europe and Eurasia
11 February, 2020
The US budget for 2021 provides $ 170 million for military aid to Europe and Eurasia, including Georgia. This is stated in the draft budget of the US fiscal year.

The document states that strategic security priority in Europe and Eurasia is to confront Russian influence and aggression by strengthening the capabilities of allies and partners.

According to the document, the funding will make equipment supply affordable, including receiving tactical equipment for observation.

The priority recipients of funding in the US
2021 draft budget are Georgia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. These countries are referred to as front-line countries in the document.

"A part of the regional foreign military funding will be used to expand the European Recapitalization Incentive Program. The department will work with the Department of Defense on potential countries." -the document says

The US fiscal year 2021 budget bill also provides financial assistance to Georgia as part of the International Military Education and Training Program.

Under the program, $ 25.5 million is planned to be allocated to Europe and Eurasia. Georgia, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Turkey, and Ukraine will receive the funding.

"International military education and training programs in Europe enhance regional security and co-operation between the US, NATO, and European Armed Forces and help confront Russian aggression.

Most importantly, these programs help ensure that countries operating with the United States have officers who understand and appreciate the doctrine and operational tactics of the US military.”- the document states.

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