Georgia singled out as a success story in fight against COVID-19
03 April, 2020
When whole world is obsessed with pandemic and governments are implementing strong measures to safeguard their citizens lives, some start to look for “success stories” against fight of the COVID-19. The latest webpage that underscored Georgia’s merit was The Foreign Policy.

“Some success stories are unexpected” – reads the article. “Despite its small size and struggling economy, the country began taking serious measures at the end of February, including closing schools and conducting widespread diagnostic tests.”

Georgia has so far confirmed
148 cases and no deaths from COVID-19. 27 patients have recovered.

On the Don’t Touch Your Face podcast, Foreign Policy’s Amy Mackinnon singled out the early response of the country of Georgia. “I think the fact that the government took it seriously from the very start has helped,” the Georgian journalist Natalia Antelava told Mackinnon. So has Georgia’s mindset. “This is a country that is used to crisis, and it is a country that has lived through civil wars and the Russian invasion in 2008 and a very dark period through the ’90s after the collapse of the Soviet Union,” Antelava said.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the US Congressman Adam Kinzinger have also praised Georgia for its response to the Coronavirus, while several other media have also written about Georgia’s success story.

Photo by David Tabagari shows Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze overseeing disinfection works in the streets.

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