FOX News explains why Georgia does not have COVID-19 deaths
04 April, 2020
FOX News channel is the latest which paid attention to Georgia and the government’s merit in fight against the Coronavirus. The channel has interviewed PM Giorgi Gakharia, who explained reasons why Georgia’s fight against COVID-19 is successful so far.

"We took strong, decisive actions early without hesitation” – the PM told FOX News. We not only began screening temperature of all arrivals but beginning on January 28 we banned flights from all countries as soon as they became hotspots in the
global outbreak, which led to a complete ban of international travelers. We also took the early step of shutting down schools in mid-March and restricted public gatherings."

Georgia has 156 Coronavirus cases, out of which 28 have recovered.

Giorgi Gakharia spoke with FOX News in details about measures taken by the government.

"We saw the warning signs early on and acted on them. Our first official action came on January 22 when the Georgian National Center for Disease Control warned Georgians against traveling to Wuhan" - Gakharia said. "At the time, we told Georgians there is a 'small, but theoretical' chance the virus could reach Georgia. A few days later, as everyone knows, the situation in Wuhan was becoming direr, and on January 26, we began checking all travelers returning from China."

The PM admitted that situation was stabilizing, but the economy would receive a hard hit.

"COVID-19 will leave its huge mark on our way of everyday life and our social behavior. For sure, it's going to have an extremely negative effect on the world economy – market behavior is a clear testament to that" - Gakharia said. "Of course, the measures we have taken have had an economic impact. Like almost all countries, we have instituted social distancing and shut down non-essential businesses across the country."

"The key for Georgia was early, decisive action, and clear, consistent communication to our citizens. It was not easy to shut down the country, but certainly much easier in a small country like Georgia as opposed to the world's largest economy" - the PM stressed. "We made an aggressive decision to start closing down major social events and gatherings, and we closed schools in mid-March and enforced self-isolation. We provided thousands of our citizens with quarantine facilities, and we have completely banned movement during nighttime."

Photo: FOX News

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