Georgia as an example for larger countries to fight COVID-19
05 April, 2020
The Telegraph is yet another that publishes article about Georgia, its fight against the Coronavirus and reasons of relative success. Associate Editor Camilla Tominey, says that the Global Health Security Index, which measures a country’s ability to cope with the disease did not look particularly favorably on Georgia before the coronavirus outbreak.

"Yet as COVID-19 last week crossed the world landmark of infecting one million people - Georgia stands out among the European crowd as a country that has coped unexpectedly
well with the global pandemic" - the article reads.

"Ranking the country in the Caucasus 42nd in the league of preparedness last year, the former Soviet nation appeared a minnow compared to higher ranked Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden" - the author says.

The article asks a question and then gives an answer:

"Meanwhile, the death toll continues to soar in comparatively richer western European countries such as the UK, France, Spain and Italy. Why? "while the smaller population of some of the eastern European nations must, of course, be taken into account, it seems their more recent experience of emergencies has stood them in better stead than their more pampered neighbors."

The publication quotes Georgia’s Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia’s statement given to the Daily Telegraph - “it wasn’t just down to its “early and decisive executive action" but because: “Georgians have experienced and overcome adversity throughout history. Both the Government and the Georgian public quickly realized the scale of this threat. Early action was crucial¬ both to fight the virus and to protect the economy.”

There are 170 people infected with COVID-19 in Georgia, out of which 36 recovered and 2 died. 5067 people are in quarantine and 330 are under inpatient care.

The photo shows disinfection measures in Tbilisi streets taken by the city Mayor Kakha Kaladze

Source: The Telegraph

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