22 September, 2011

According to 2010 data Georgia is ‘leading’ in the list of 47 EU countries with regard to the decrease of population’.

One year is left till the official date of elections but authorities and a part of opposition have switched over to the pre-election mode. If we take into the account that President Saakashvili is used to changing the election date, the information about early parliamentary and presidential elections becomes more trustworthy. With this topic we started our conversation with Irakli

Alasania, leader of ‘Free Democrats:


I.A. – I’ve visited 150 villages and encountered unexpected poverty. Peasants and the whole country are left without taking care of. According to Saakashvili’s revelation, the number of unemployed in Tbilisi is more than 30% but actually two out of three citizens don’t work. Taxes increase, Saakashvili tries to collect more and more money from the population and then spends it not according to priorities but to his whim.

Western Georgia is emptied of youth. We are facing national scale demographic catastrophe. According to 2010 data of world healthcare organization out of 47 EU countries Georgia is ‘leading’ with regard to decreasing of population. This is one more revelation of Saakashvili’s seven-year policy. By and by people realize the huge difference between Saakashvili’s milieu (that lives in luxury) and themselves. Saakashvili together with small number of people lives to his heart’s content but the country – Georgia is deep in poverty.

From the Parliament we’ll once again offer Saakashvili legislative initiatives and at the same time we’ll demonstrate the people’s will that’ll by all means be revealed in protest rallies.

Q. – Do you mean protest rallies will be held during parliamentary sessions?

I.A. –  By all means. By controlled media and repressive devices Saakashvili made people lose faith in their own selves and it is the biggest crime.

Q. – But the President almost every day inaugurates this or that facility receiving people’s gratitude.

I.A. –Of course there are people who support Saakashvili and the ‘National Movement’. Saakashvili has distanced from Georgian people and he is ready to take any step in order to retain power. In case he founds his authority on repressive devices and police this will bring us to such polarization and opposition that he’ll have to abandon power not by means of elections but revolution. Saakashvili is the politician of the past. He has exhausted his own abilities. Despite threat and repressions I want every citizen to regain self-confidence. Many of them tell me that Saakasvili can’t threaten them because there is nothing else left for them to lose. Today Saakashvili is hindrance not only for the country but for his own party as well. He can lead neither of them. His way of ruling doesn’t let any leader to advance. For this reason even after 7 years of being in power the ‘National Movement’ is left without a leader. Saakashvili divides people as his ‘supporters’ and the ‘others’, the ‘Nationals’ and ‘non-Nationals’.

Q. – You met Giga Bokeria, Secretary of Security Council. Allegedly in post-Saakashvili period ‘Free Democrats’ will offer Bokeria and several other like-minded people a boat to stay in politics.

I.A. – There is no ground to come closer with Bokeria and his team because we have absolutely different views about ruling and developing of the country. We consider that small and medium business must be given a chance for realization but the authorities think that the reforms must be carried out only by means of monopolies, dictate and repressions. We’ve seen that it wasn’t successful.

Q. – After announcing by ‘National Forum’ about the ‘March of Georgians’ on September, 27 it was said that political ‘Group of Six’ is being decomposed because they couldn’t agree upon the quotas.

I.A. – Regarding the election environment the ‘Group of Six’ will take joint measures but we aren’t a block, thus we wouldn’t discuss the issue of quotas. They even say that we are discussing the posts but it is groundless. Announcement about ‘March of Georgians’ was unexpected for me. I welcome if ‘National Forum’ takes one more step to mobilize people. Actually, our party has other plans for that day.

Q. – In social networks the ‘March of Georgians’ was nicknamed as fascist activity.

I.A. – I know Kakha Shartava, leader of ‘Forum’ and nobody can say that he is a fascist. I can’t think of somebody in the XXI-century Georgia attempting to gain a foothold in politics by means of xenophobia.