06 October, 2011

Interview with philosopher Giorgi Margvelashvili

These days Georgia will host the President of France. There will be a populous festive meeting on the Freedom or Rose square of the Capital. We discuss this and other important issues with philosopher Giorgi Margvelashvili:
Q. – The reviewers say that the visit of the President of France has the same context as that of Bush. Isn’t President Saakashvili trying to make American partners ‘jealous’ about Europe?
G.M. – It’s natural that the Western

leaders’ position is very important. It’s also significant what label they will attach to Georgia and its authorities. Sarkozy’s comments will be used for the inner market in order to legitimize the forcible and undemocratic policy that has become characteristic for Saakashvili’s powers. This is on the one hand; but on the other- festive reception of Sarkozy will be directed at Russia because the guarantor of improvement of violated international law in August of 2008, were exactly France and Sabkozy. Thus, to my mind, it will be a summing up message directed rather not at the West and USA but rather at Russia.
Q. – At the 2012 elections Putin will run for presidency and the current President Medvedev will become the Premier. Under such combination the Medvedev-Putin duo’s ruling may continue infinitely. What influence can this exert on the relations with Georgia?
G.M. – I don’t think it’s only Medvedev-Putin duo. It’s an influential group that has been formed in Russia. This is the essence of new Russian policy via which Russia is telling the rest of the world that they know of what form the new ruling should be- not the people’s will but vision of a certain group as to who and how should govern. In other words we have a democracy modernized on Russian manner in which the main concept of traditional democracy according to which the votes of drunkard, tramp and genius have the same value is not working any more. In the type of democracy the country is ruled by separate groups the faces of which are Medvedev and Putin.
Putin hasn’t gone anywhere. The fact that Russia is far from democracy mustn’t be new for anybody. Thus, it’s difficult to say what change it will bring for Georgia. Presumably - nothing. Some people often want to present current Russian-Georgian relations as those between Saakashvili and Putin. I don’t think so. For Saakashvili it can be personal relation but Putin has already shown that he is a politician having a vision of Russia’s development. Under the context of this vision he may use Saakashvili’s impulsiveness and attitude as a PR to hush up any problem and in case of need Medvedev would probably do the same. Any way, I don’t think anything will change towards worsening unless there appears a serious problem in Russia and as I have said, by using Georgia they will try hush it up during elections. I see the threat in this.
Q. – Georgian mass media deems that the same combination can be staged in Georgia as well. When asked, whether he is going to become the President and if President Saakashvili is planning to become the Premier, Davit Bakradze, Chairperson of Georgian Parliament neither asserts nor denies it. How could you comment on the situation here?
G.M. – If we speak about the general democratic context, be it Bakradze-Saakashvli or other combination it will unfortunately be copying of the Russian model. It will cause drastic diminution of one of the potentials of Georgia. One of the resources of Georgia has indeed been democracy, not only as an inner resource but that for the outer world as well.
If we take up this path and accept Putin’s ready-made model we’ll refute our international and historical attractiveness. Packing ala Putin shows that the people must be ruled single-handedly and they must be somehow contented; that the elite should rule the state and have several figures advanced so that the entourage and texture are acceptable for the West.

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