Georgian Labor Party to rally in front of “White House”
03 November, 2011

Georgian Labor Party plans to hold a rally on 7 November. They call on all those who are concerned about social problems to join them. Giorgi Gugava, political secretary of the party, calls on the Tbilisi Mayor’s Office to annul the new utility fee system that tied payment of refuse removal with the expenses for electricity. If the Office does not heed to the call the party will set huge political fire and torch the Authorities in it.

“We call our compatriots,

who are overburdened with this horrendous system and who believe that the system is absolutely illegal, to come out to the Parliament at 3pm on 7 November and show their opposition to this illegal system of the Authorities.” Gugava calls the Tbilisi Mayor’s Office to do away with the tied refuse-electricity payment system and threatens them that their arrogance would cost them dearly.

“We set an ultimatum to the Office. They should make a timely decision and slash the taxes that torment most of our citizens. If the Authorities would not badge then we would raise such fire in front of the Parliament that it would devour all of them and all their ill-fated property gained through elaborate corruption schemes.”

According to Gugava, while the major topics of the planned rally will be social problems, they are still going to air political demands also:

“Our goal is to save this country. This however obligates the removal of this regime. Therefore we have to stage another round of our fight on 7 November. On that day we will demand removal of Saakashvili and regime change. The Labor Party proclaimed 7 November as the day of disobedience against the regime which is strangling our country and our citizens for many years by now. In the same way, this year they decimated the people with the Black Summer. So, we decided to respond to the Black Summer with disobedience this autumn. In the political reality of Georgia, this day will be an important one. It would bring a moment of change and the start of the final gasps of Saakashvili’s rule.”

The Labor Party is also going to stage a protest rally in front of White House, Washington, United States.

“We plan another round of our fight with the Authorities on 23 November. We are going to demonstrate it in front of the American White House. It will be a symbolic rally in the country which instilled a Trojan Saakashvili into our country in 2003 to the misfortune of our country. Our demand will appear on transparencies and will mean: “Drag Him Away – Your Agent and Criminal, Bloodthirsty Saakashvili,” – states the Party representative.