“Political Revenge”
03 November, 2011

This is how they see the Incident in Sakrebulo

Opposition members of the Georgian Capital Sakrebulo (Assembly) were fired for their political statements. This is the only argument of the Majority given in connection of dismissal of Free Democrats Zurab Abashidze and Viktor Dolidze. Zurab Abashidze was the Deputy Chair of the Tbilisi Sakrebulo, while Viktor Dolidze held the position of the Chair of the Healthcare and Social Commission.

Tensions between the Opposition and Majority arose during one of the Sakrebulo bureau sessions.

The session was run in a behind-the-doors format. As the opposition left the session they immediately claimed that Soso Egutia, member of the Majority and Sakrebulo bureau insulted Viktor Dolidze verbally. The tensions spilled into the Sakrebulo meeting.

“Our dismissal is a political revenge. We believe that it’s an indication of Bolshevik onslaught. What you are doing now is a typical thing perpetuated in the Bolshevik regime. Communist party too was doing it during the Soviet Union,” – Zurab Abashidze was exasperated. His words drew repercussions from the Majority.

“You are using your positions for political purposes. We will not let you use them for suspicious activities,” – Majority members were repeating adamantly.

The situation became so explosive that physical confrontation seemed imminent. Zurab Abashidze and Viktor Dolidze had to leave the session. To prove that he was doing his job, Viktor Dolidze produced hundreds of papers which he said were his conclusions on letters from citizens, as well as recommendations and suggestions to the Sakrebulo administration.

The whole Sakrebulo opposition joined the protest and demonstratively went out of the meeting hall. The first to leave was David Saganelidze, a representative of New Rights. Before leaving he called on the Majority and specifically Soso Egutia to apologize.

The Majority in turn tried to play down the significance of the confrontation and to prove that nothing really happened. They claimed that the two opposition members were fired for their failure to fulfill their obligations.