19 January, 2012

‘Political climate in the country is not determined by political parties.’

Izo  Rikadze

‘We, the groups united in the popular movement ‘Georgian Dream’ are drafting the concept of Georgia’s development. It can be used by the authorities as well as any other political group,’ said Demur Giorkhelidze, the leader of the group working on economic, agricultural and environment security issues. We began our interview with the financial sanctions imposed by the authorities on Bidzina Ivanishvili; it was specified in the legislation

as well.

D.G. – This law doesn’t fit any norm as it is aimed to suppress political activity of a concrete person. It is propagandized through media that there is a political force in the administration that is the wisest  and most progressive today and it knows best in which direction to take the country. All others are enemies, financed by Russian money. Had Shevardnadze’s powers imposed such restrictions, events of 2003 wouldn’t take place. There wouldn’t unfold the processes that are connected with many painful issues.
Q. – It was said that the upper limit of financing of a political party shouldn’t exceed 0.2% of GDP that makes up GEL 4 million.
D.G. – Every physical and legal person of Georgia should legally be authorized, at his discretion, to transfer money from his declared income to any political party. GEL 4 million is scanty amount in Georgia for normal political processes and achieving success in elections. They are imposing restrictions but we know that the political force in power won’t be able to retain power for 4 million and they will spend much more.
Q. – Despite renouncing his French citizenship besides the Russian one Bidzina Ivanishvili hasn’t been granted Georgian citizenship.
D.G. – This kind of illegality has no justification. There should be free competition between political forces; otherwise Georgian authorities will be in a grave situation. If the tendency is kept according to which a political force in power, in order to retain its place, declares all the political rivals as enemies or financed by Russian money, we are sure to move to catastrophe. It’s important for me that there are 3-4 alternative political forces in the country that will manage to balance the authorities. The so-called negotiating political parties can’t bring any changes.
Q. – When Eduard Shevardnadze’s Presidential term was expiring opposition was formed inside the Citizens Union. Do you exclude the possibility of creation of an alternative force to Saakashvili within the ‘National Movement’?
D.G. – Whatever happened in 2002-2003 was a mature technology. It’s possible to repeat such a technology but will the Georgian society ‘swallow’ it again? Political climate in the country is not determined by political parties. It is set by sound society. For the time being the society is rather weak.
Q. – Will anything be changed within one year?
D.G. – If no alternative force to authorities is created nothing will be changed; but in case bold steps are taken and alternative force appears the processes will unfold differently. Formation of such a force will undoubtedly enliven the people hampered by fear not to make another mistake.
Q. – So, do you think there is a chance?
D.G. – A great chance.