05 April, 2012

Interview with the Professor of psychology Marina Chitashvili

“If this administration does not leave, we are to expect repressions and social uprising of poor people. The best way out of this situation for the Authorities is to hold fair and free elections. They have to allow for at least better Parliamentary representation. A new Government should ensure improved social conditions to lower risks of social unrest,” – told us Marina Chitashvili, Professor of Psychology of Ivane Javakhishvili University.

Q: How do you

explain the fact that President Saakashvili criticized embassies, while one of the MPs declared that American Ambassador John Bass is not entitled to give them directives?

A: It’s not the first time that the Authorities do not follow their logic. The President happily stated at the Parliament that we got closer to the European Union and the visa regime would be made simpler. Since the Chamber of Control began prosecutions and the Western democracy stated that it was wrong, suddenly it turned out that ambassadors are looking down on us. These two statements contradict each other. The Authorities thought the West would have supported them unconditionally. However, the West always held that it supports the entire country, not a particular person; supports the Government which tries to develop democracy in the country. If the Authorities do not observe those basic values due to which the West assists them, the West will take the side of Western values.

The Authorities are not going to provide free and fair elections. Likewise, I do not think that the statement of Mr Alasania was irresponsible in any way. Surely he must have based his words on facts. Arrogance of the Authorities, vulnerability of ordinary people, unfair election environment, justice system hooked on the Government and canceled citizenship of Ivanishvili only goes  to show that this group won’t discard the power which they hold so tightly. That’s because they fear that in case of fair elections they would lose constitutional majority and hence, won’t be able to do anything they want to do the country any more.

Q: At the US Senate, it was stated that the forthcoming Parliamentary elections would be an acid test to show NATO aspirations of Georgia. If this is how the situation is viewed there, do you think the Authorities will do everything to ensure unhindered advancement of Georgia on that road?

A: IF Georgian Authorities hold free and fair elections, where they’ll use no more than 10% of their administrative resources (the standard upper limit for the countries like Georgia), it would show that the Authorities wish to develop the country. If they choose to rig the elections, you could conclude that they love only themselves and do not care about the country. The latter scenario would cost us plenty. We may face an emergency regime similar to what have been introduced in Egypt during the popular uprising against the 30-year long rule of Mubarak.

The Authorities claim that the country is flourishing. At the same time, TV airs a charity show and we hear words from 6 siblings that they have only 3 pairs of shoes to wear. Accordingly, the talks about welfare in this country are farfetched.