23 August, 2012


What was written in the letter meant to be handed to the President

Recently a video-film was featured in the entire internet space; it was showing what the law-enforcers did with socially insecure Roza Tskabelia when in Tsaishi village of Tsalenjikha region she was talking with journalists about her misfortune. First a young man approached and pushed her then others helped him and dragged the woman away somewhere.



The point is that that very day

the President was expected to visit the village and the woman who dared to speak about her misfortune was removed as an unwanted problem.

later the President strictly condemned the culprits’ actions, visited Tskabelia in person and cuddled her but we wonder what the President will do when he reads this letter by Tsinara Abuladze and learns  how the 70-year-old woman was beaten by police staff and high-ranking officials in Anaklia only because she wanted to hand a letter to the President.

Tsinara Abuladze: ‘My son Gogita Abuladze was working in ‘Anaklia’ hotel. One day he left the house and since then he is missing. His disappearance is connected with some dubious facts. Later the wife of Davit Gulua, one of the policeman, said that she saw him in a silver-color jeep (the plate is known). The jeep was heading to Anaklia. The car with the passengers, including my son, was registered by video installed in the back-yard of the hotel but later the recording disappeared. A week after my son’s disappearance investigator Irakli Tchitanava and policeman Davit Gulua visited me. I was surprised why they didn’t want to fix in the testimony that Gogita got out of the fixed-route taxi due to somebody’s telephone call and returned to Anaklia. Gulua, from whose wife I learnt that my son was in the silver-color jeep, began to deny her evidence.

Later, in the house I found my son’s letter in which he wrote that he crossed over to Abkhazia and police high-rank Malkhaz Pachkoria (head of counter-intelligence department of Samegrelo) knew about it. To put it in a nutshell, threats to our family started since then. We were so much frightened that didn’t dare even to switch on a TV. After some time I gathered my strength and decided to start action because I saw that there were many strange details in Gogita’s disappearance.

It wasn’t clear why the police were hiding the facts, why the video-recordings were disappearing, why were we threatened; we were just trying to find our disappeared son.

Only for this reason I decided to meet the President and pass him a letter – maybe he would help find him.

Levan Kiria, head of Zugdidi police department squeezed me, covered my mouth with his hand and held me with such a force that he broke my false teeth; at the same time he was threatening me, saying to be quiet if I wanted to live and dragged me away.

After much struggle full text of my son’s letter was included in the examination record. As I’ve already mentioned it was written in the letter that my son crossed over to Abkhazia and everything about it was known to Malkhaz Pachkoria. I got interested whether this man was interrogated. The investigators told me that he wasn’t someone like my neighbor and it wasn’t that easy to interrogate him. I thought that we all were equal to law and no post was envisaged by it. As it turned out, Pachkoria had been interrogated and he even denied that he knew my son. I attempted to write out his address from the protocol of his interrogation but as soon as I took the pen hustle began – the interrogators rushed and twisted my arms, beat me with heels of their shoes. Irakli Tchitanava advised his colleague to sentence me to15 days of imprisonment so that I pegged out there!

Levan Kiria, head of police department was watching ‘heroic deeds’ of his staff from a distance. So they beat me severely, abased me and trampled upon my motherhood and old age.

Half-an-hour before arrival of the President’s escort 20 policemen in changed clothes (slippers and shorts) in 5 patrol cars headed by Lekso Todua, deputy head of Zugdidi police department rushed to us. They dispersed the neighbors who sympathized with us threatening that they would create problems for them. Lekso Todua beat my hands with a stick until the skin broke and I dropped the letter. Then he dragged me inside the yard. My grand-child was videoing everything. After noticing it they dragged me inside my house and Lekso Todua was shouting at my grand-child demanding to give him the camera otherwise he threatened to rape him on the spot. They took it away and deleted everything. The President saw the people gathered at my yard. My neighbors waved their hands but the President didn’t stop.

What do they want from me, I’m trying to find my son, why are they treating us this way, are we demanding something extraordinary? Are they beating and persecuting me because I’m asking the police for help?

After this, several men were assigned to give us ‘advice’ to address opposition. By doing so we’d give them purpose and reason to deal shortly with us and relieve themselves of responsibility about everything.

Malkhaz Pachkoria was promoted and was awarded the Gorgasali order and given a three-room flat; Lekso Todua who is similar ‘hero’,  is deputy head of Zugdidi police department.

In the ill-fated letter that I wanted to pass to the President and because of which they beat me so severely, there is only one sentence – ‘Help me to find my lost son Gogita!


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