Complete Information Management Solutions for Hospitality Industry – HRS Now in Tbilisi
23 August, 2012
Complete Information Management  Solutions for  Hospitality Industry – HRS Now in Tbilisi

Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton, Radisson, Starbucks, Burger King have been using this information system for years. World famous MICROS-Fidelio Software office is now officially opened in Georgia. 

MICROS-Fidelio Software has been doing this for more than 20 years now and today it is the market leader in information technology, providing complete information management solutions. It works in different countries around the globe. Hotel and Restaurant Systems (HRS) is the solely authorized Distributor of the Products of MICROS-Fidelio Software in CIS, the Baltic

States and Mongolia.


“Georgia is a country of great potential – both in small and large hotel segments. The number of hotels operating in Georgia nowadays serves as a proof for it. This is the reason why we decided to open an office here. We offer our customers one of the most perfect tools for business management; meaning managing all the processes in hotels and restaurants through our system – beginning from room reservation by guests and ending with their departure. We offer the companies the opportunity to receive analytical data about what they are doing wrong or correctly, what the guests’ preferences are, etc”., the HRS Senior Area Director Yuriy Atamanov told Georgian Journal.

In Georgia HRS cooperates with Radisson Blu Iveria Hotels in Tbilisi and Batumi, Holiday Inn Hotel, Tbilisi Marriot and Courtyard Marriot, independent hotels Ambasadori, Kopala, as well as Oazis Hotel in Chaqvi, Sairme Hotel in Sairme, Gudauri Ski Resort Hotel in Gudauri, Georgia Palace Hotel in Kobuleti, etc. They also work with educational centers that are preparing professionals to work in the tourism sector. Consequently, once they graduate and go to hotels or restaurants to work, they already have experience of working with this system.

“Nowadays, the demand is so high and the market is growing so rapidly that we thought it would have been a big mistake not to have an office in Tbilisi. In 2012 only, many innovations were done and the demand was just great. Our goal is to enable Georgian business to provide 5-star service to the customers”, Sanata Ratiani, HRS Area Manager in Tbilisi, said to Georgian journal.

HRS is now represented in 16 countries, such as Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Mongolia, Armenia, etc. As the global leader in hospitality systems, HRS products are introduced in over 23’000 hotels and more than 150’000 restaurants and entertainment complexes around the world.

“I first came to Georgia 22-23 years ago, when it was still a part of the Soviet Union. I was very impressed. And I sincerely believe that this is the most beautiful country in the entire post-Soviet space. Once, I went to the hillside of your country and saw a church and sheep grazing in the fields; I was absolutely enthralled. Therefore, the idea to open an office here was born long ago. Our customers have been visiting Georgia ever since. Now it is a nice feeling to finally fulfill the dream, especially when so many things are happening in the country”, Joanne Vaughan, the CEO of the HRS Group of Companies told Georgian Journal.

HRS has up to 20 hotel clients in Georgia now, which is a significant index for such a small country, Ms Vaughan notes, adding that it is even more encouraging since there are so many hotels in Georgia willing to work in accordance with international standards.

In answer to the question whether it was difficult to start this kind of business, she said ‘yes and no’. Hotels, she said, at all times of their existence have been competitive, they wanted to know what was new and different on the other side of the street, in another hotel. This is why they need sophisticated informational technologies. According to her, the hospitality industry is a small industry where all know each other; so although they are colleagues, at the same time they are competitors.

“Our goal is to provide systems at all levels – it is a well-known fact that we mostly work for 5-star hotels, but we also work for 4-star hotels and are working on cooperating with 1-2- or 3-star hotels as well. We have started our business long ago and have been in it for so many years that at the moment I dare say we have no competitors in this field, not in our target market. And we plan to grow”, Joanne Vaughan, the CEO of HRS told Georgian Journal.

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A ski lift accident in Georgia’s eastern Gudauri resort,in particular at Sadzele 5 lift, has left 8 people with injuries.
The ski lift in Gudauri winter resort in Georgia has broke down in the aftermath of which several people have been injured.
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