Viva Brazil! Viva Georgian-Brazilian Friendship!
13 September, 2012

Embassy of Brazil celebrates its Independence Day first time in Tbilisi

September 7, is the Independence Day of Brazil. It was marked at Krtsanisi Residence Compound where the guest and hosts enjoyed a good company, nice tunes of mild Brazilian music and a variety of delicious dishes. Many happy returns to Brazil and Brazilian People!

First of all, the National Anthem of Brazil was turned on; it was performed by the Ambassador himself. Later on, the Georgian Hymn was also played.

After that, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Federative Republic of Brazil to Georgia Carlos Alberto Lopes Asfora declared that it was the first time the Embassy celebrated its National Day in Tbilisi. Not many people are aware of the existence of this embassy as many believe that Brazil is such a faraway and exotic country that we do not have any links with it. However, already more than a year has passed since its opening. Georgian Journal is happy that it was one of the first who write about it. We are happy too that we found ourselves among the guests and a couple of journalists who attended this wonderful occasion.

“This is the official occasion and I am very proud to be the first Brazilian Ambassador in Georgia. I am also the only Latin American Ambassador here, which makes me a bit lonely,” Mr. Carlos Alberto Asfora siad in his opening speech. “But fortunately, I have found many friends in the diplomatic corps and I have received a lot of support from the Georgian Foreign Ministry for which I am really thankful. This is the 190th Anniversary of Brazilian Independence, so soon we’ll be celebrating 200 years of independence. I just want to welcome you to this Brazilian reception, wish you a very good evening, thank you for your presence, and salute Georgian and Brazilian friendship!”

The next year, the two sides will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Brazil and Georgia, which will be a major event to be marked in Tbilisi. There are talks that the exchange must be strengthened and both sides – Georgian Embassy in the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Brazilian Embassy of Georgia have a wish to organize the cultural days of their home countries in their host countries. However, nothing has been decided so far and the negotiations are still under way. Let’s hope that the two sides will come to agreement and we’ll witness Brazilian cultural days in Georgia, which will by all means tell us a lot about this country, which we mainly know for its wonderful football team, breathtaking Rio carnivals, world-known soap-operas and sambas. As we’ve heard from the representatives of the Brazilian Embassy, soon a number of new Brazilian films will be shown in Tbilisi, which will be quite a new discovery for us. Hopefully, our days too will be a success in Brazil.