China Celebrates 63rd Anniversary of Republic
04 October, 2012

On September 28, at Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, the Embassy of China in Georgia organized the celebration party dedicated to the 63rd anniversary of founding the People’s Republic of China. As usual, it was held with pomp and circumstance, abounding with distinguished guests from the diplomatic corps, as well as Georgian officials and other public figures. 

Traditionally, two anthems of both countries were performed by the Georgian team of singers. After that, the ambassador’s spouse declared the official ceremony opened. The

Chinese Ambassador to Georgia Mr. Chen Jianfu stated that officially this celebration is marked on September 30 (but the day happened to be Sunday). “Actually, China’s development during the past 63 years can be summarized in one sentence: China has made great achievements, but met a lot of problems at the same time. It is moving on the way of Socialism with Chinese features. China has become the 2nd largest economy in the world, with a foreign exchange reserve over 3 trillion dollars. Therefore, China has the ability to maintain economic development steadily and also contribute to the global economy.” H.E. Mr. Ambassador added that his homeland is still a developing country, reportedly with GDP per capita of only 5400 dollars, ranking 90th in the world, where there are still 130 million impoverished people. Therefore, he said that a lot of reforms are needed, “keeping on peace, cooperation and mutually beneficial links with other countries.”

Mr. Jianfu recalled that lately, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Georgia. “However, friendship and cooperation between China and Georgian goes back to over one thousand years,” he said, explaining that  “Georgian wine on the ancient Silk Road and Chinese tea on the coast of the Black Sea are the most obvious examples of contacts and mutual benefit between our two countries. After the independence of Georgia, traditional friendship between China and Georgia deepened and the cooperation between the two countries in every area improved. Last year, China became the 4th largest trade partner of Georgia with the trade turnover of nearly 800 million dollars, which is 200 times more than 20 years ago, when China had just established diplomatic ties with Georgia. Last year, China imported about 600 thousand bottles of Georgian wine and the figure is rapidly growing this year. Chinese enterprises are actively engaged in different areas, such as building an infrastructure in Georgia.” According to the ambassador, in less than two years, a number of big projects have been completed, creating thousands of jobs for Georgian people.

Later on, Mr. Chen Jianfu spoke about the cultural exchange. “Both, China and Georgia respect each other’s history and have appreciation of each other’s culture,” he said. “Youth from both countries are working hard to learn Georgian and Chinese languages. The first 10 Chinese volunteer teachers are about to arrive in Georgia. Together with the Confucius Institute of Tbilisi Free University, they will train more talents in order to promote bilateral friendly exchange. Furthermore, to allow more Georgian students to study in China, we will add more quotas for the Chinese Government Scholarship. All said examples prove that peoples of our countries benefit most from the friendly contacts between China and Georgia. In conclusion, I hope that with more joint effort and practical work, ordinary people of both countries will gain more benefit.”

In the end, the Chinese Ambassador wished Georgia peace, stability and development after the October 1 Parliamentary Elections. He congratulated the Chinese people with the Mid-Autumn Festival, a celebration of good harvest and family reunion, and pronounced the toast to the long-lasting Chinese-Georgian friendship. The non-official part of the event was also very interesting, confirming  close links between the two countries – the embassy offered delicious dishes of both Chinese and Georgian cuisines.