11 November, 2010

If you are anything like me, then you will understand why I truly love “water.” Be it a lake, stream, pond or even a pool, I wholeheartedly enjoy the way it feels to be in, on or around it. My favorite body of water is the ocean or maybe the sea but “what’s the difference when you’re lying on the beach,” right? Yes the beach, so without further hesitation, let’s compare some of the various experiences I have had at the

beach or while getting to it. If you didn’t read last week’s story about getting around in Tbilisi, you won’t see the connection between the two stories but if you did, you will notice the similarities. First of all, unless you are one of those people lucky enough to live near the sea, then you, as well as me, must somehow go there and it is by no means my favorite part of getting to the beach but it must be done. Back in the States, it was a fairly short trip to the beach (Hampton beach) for me in comparison to getting from Tbilisi to the Black Sea and it is also a different experience once you get there. Not unlike any of the other trips I have taken to various beaches throughout the word, my first trip to The Black Sea was also a very pleasant and unique experience. We went by car, so I had the opportunity to see more of Georgia and I’m not really sure if I will ever get used to the way Georgians drive; I’m not saying they can’t drive well but the way people drive in this country does take some getting used to. For example, when we first set out on our journey, we had to get out of the city before we could enjoy driving along the open highway. Now, the way I view it, driving in the city is very different from how Georgians look at it, simply because I am accustomed to a much less extreme driving experience. What do I mean by less extreme, you ask? Well as we made our way through the city that fine day, “or any other day for that matter”, I got the feeling that I was in a car chase scene straight out of one of my favorite Hollywood movies. It might seem like a slight exaggeration and maybe it is, but as we swerved in and out of traffic, “sometimes getting into the opposite lane” it seemed like we were trying to out-maneuver the villain of a chase movie. Now let’s get to the scene in this story where my wife and I are at the Black Sea, enjoying the hot sun and warm water. That scene plays out like this: my wife and I along with a few various family members arrived in Kobuleti and we were staying in a place located directly opposite the sea. After we got settled in at our hotel, I knew that I was in for one of those unique experiences that I mentioned earlier. Now, before we go any further, I would like to take this opportunity to mention just how different life is for me here in Georgia; and this, of course, is a good thing, my dear readers. Mainly because I truly enjoy variety; for example, when I saw the Black Sea for the first time, I was shocked by the amount of rocks on the shore whereas most, if not all of the other beaches I have visited, have had sand, not rocks. Aside from that, the atmosphere for the most part was similar to any other “beach day” that I can remember. Though each of the various beaches I have had the pleasure of visiting, has its own unique characteristics. If I remember correctly, the Caribbean Sea bears some resemblance to the Black Sea. Even though the two places are different, when I first made my way across the rocky surface of  Kobuleti’s  coast  it somehow reminded of  walking across the coral that surrounds the shores of St. Crox.    
In case you were wondering, St. Crox is one of the US. Virgin Islands located in the Caribbean Sea; now let’s get back to Kobuleti. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there; to me it seemed like a wonderful blend of more modern attractions that people look forward to when on holiday and just the right amount of warm tradition of Georgian culture. With activities such as parasailing and what we Americans call jet skies, “otherwise known an aqua bike,” I found it to be a great place for fun and adventure, considering just how much there is to see and do. I was amazed by how far the shore stretched. We followed it all the way through Gonio and then on to Kvariati and Sarpi as well, after completing the long trek we found ourselves near the border of Turkey. I had such a great a time discovering yet another part of my second home that year! However, I am looking forward to revisiting the white sands of Florida. Unfortunately I won’t see any new and exciting landscapes there; I’ll take the sand of these rocky shores any day…