EU Neighborhood Info Center Workshop for Georgian Journalists
21 March, 2013
EU Neighborhood Info Center  Workshop for Georgian Journalists
On March 15, at Citadines Apart-Hotel, EU Neighborhood Info Center held a communication workshop for media representatives “Communicating an EU-funded Project”.
The workshop provided guidance on the following topics: Main source of information about the EU; How to use the Journalist Handbook. The event represented a good opportunity for the European Union and Georgian press and media to discuss about communication, and communication tools.
Tamriko Mikadze from the press office of the EU delegation in Georgia said that in Georgia
there is a serious problem that journalists and neither society can avoid political context, when there is a huge amount of attractive human stories related to EU. To this, Myria Antoniadou, former journalist from Cyprus, and one of the workshop trainers, said: “I have been a journalist until I turned to communications. I am from Cyprus. So, our background is political too. When I went to Brussels as a correspondent, I thought I would run away from Cyprus problem which I was tired of only to find it in front of me in Brussels again. I know that it is not a journalist who sets the agenda but it is mainly the media outlet. When I was telling them some human stories, they would tell me: yes, but what’s happening with Turkey? So, it is a challenge. But I can assure you that there are a lot of interesting human stories and our website will help you find some more stories to cover.”
Later on, she gave a few tips to us. “It’s very difficult to cover the EU because there are too many people involved and too many institutions. Even the language they use is very difficult. They use a lot of acronyms. Therefore, we produced a glossary for you, which is also online. One thing that I think might encourage you is that I have got an MA in European journalist studies and I studies the EU. When I arrived in Brussels, I realized that I did not know much because this big institution is dealing with so many issues. In the beginning, I would go to press conferences and briefings and collect papers etc. until one day I realized that I had to know what my sources are. In the EU it’s very organized providing you with news, background information, so there are a lot of sources. But the thing is that you may get lost in this lot of sources. So, we made this for you – a journalist’s handbook to cover relations.”
Elena Prokhorova, another trainer, commented specially for us: “We do rounds for EU-funded projects. The money is being spent and a lot of things are happening in each country. It’s a pity that people in these countries did not even know where the money comes from. So this is to connect what they see in everyday life to what the EU does in terms of efforts particularly towards the neighborhood countries. EU is worried about these countries if reforms are not going well, if the criminality is high etc, because it’s a close neighborhood. Relevant coverage is also important. We organize workshops to help media cover the stories more from the human angle.”
Other Stories
Historic Petra fortress will host an electronic music festival
On August 10 the historic Petra fortress located in the village Thsikhidziri in Adjara will host GR –Fest - an open air electronic music festival.
From September Iakob Gogebashvili's "Deda Ena" will make a comeback in Georgian schools
This fall, at the beginning of the new academic year every first-grader will receive "Deda Ena" as a gift.
Georgian painter creating unique paper sculptures
Beso Kobakhidze, a painter from Ambrolauri, a city located in the western part of the country, has been creating unique paper sculptures for 8 years now.
Anti-occupation movement "Force is in Unity" patrolling in Davit Gareji
One of the leaders of the anti-occupation movement, Davit Katsarava, says that there is a calm situation in Davit Gareji for the time being,
23rd day of Anti-occupation rally, Interior Minister does plan to resign
Georgian Interior Minister Giorgi Gakharia said that the dispersal of a rally near the parliament on June 20
President Putin falsifies History of Georgia
Following the II Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit, Vladimir Putin met
“Дождь” news program accompanied by a bottle of Georgian wine
“Дождь”, Russian TV channel’s news program was accompanied by a bottle of Georgian wine as a show of solidarity for Georgia.
Khatia Buniatishvili and Guillaume Gallienne perform Georgian song “Suliko”
Khatia Buniatishvili made French actor Guillaume Gallienne and journalist Anne-Sophie Lapix perform an improvised Georgian dance
Tbilisi Pride held, demonstrators of two different rallies spend the night on Rustaveli Avenue
Anti-occupation demonstrators and opponents of Tbilisi Pride spent last night on Rustaveli Avenue.
What does the store “Georgian” offer tourists in Summer?
“Georgian”, a tourist store of “Biblusi” is popular not only with tourists but with everyone looking for a Georgian product.
Rustavi 2 TV Anchor Insults Putin, Government calls it a provocation
On July 7, Giorgi Gabunia, anchor of the PS news program on Rustavi 2 TV, used obscene terms against Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Georgian Alexandre Zazarashvili wins The Voice Kids Ukraine
Georgian Alexandre Zazarashvili has won the fifth season of The Voice Kids Ukraine.
Part of ‘Fast and Furious 9’ to be filmed in Georgia
A 10-minute episode of ‘Fast and Furious 9’ will be filmed in Georgia.
Euronews: “Georgia goes green”
Euronews has recently published an episode of Focus about Kutaisi, second largest city in Georgia.
Georgian children idol Giorgi Gogichaishvili dies aged 51
Georgian actor and TV host Giorgi Gogichaishvili passed away yesterday.
 Bakery "Puri Guliani" - History of Georgian baking
Puri Guliani – this is what our ancestors called pastries that they earnestly created all over Georgia with a variety of fillings.
Russia is an occupier – Protest-themed birdhouses
Ramaz Grigalashvili from Khashuri, a town in the central part of Georgia has been building birdhouses for about 6 years.
Russian rugby club suspends Georgian rugby players contract
The Russian rugby club "Slava" suspended the contracts of two Georgian rugby players.
Young Georgian lost over 120 kilos in a year
A 20-year old Giorgi Bibilauri lost 120 kilos through a year intense workout.
Danish artist created illustrations on current events in Georgia
Livija Viksna is a Danish/Latvian illustrator based in Tbilisi.
Anita Rachvelishvili and Nino Katamadze join the rally
Georgian singer Nino Katamadze and mezzo-soprano Anita Rachvelishvili joined the peaceful rally on Rustaveli Avenue.
Georgian Alexandre Zazarashvili in the final round of The Voice Kids Ukraine
Georgian Alexandre Zazarashvili has made it to the final round of The Voice Kids Ukraine.
CNN- Georgia against Russian occupation, NOT against the Russian people
CNN has recently published an article inviting people to visit Georgia.
Zaza Pachulia and Guram Kashia invite their international friends to Georgia
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree prohibiting Russian airlines from carrying Russian citizens to Georgia from July 8.
BBC: Putin says Georgia is not safe, Russian tourists disagree
BBC has recently published an article about the recent events taken place in Georgia.
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Other Stories
World famous British singer Jessie J has decided to wear clothes made by Anouki Areshidze, Georgian designer and wife of the mayor of Tbilisi.
Bassiani, one of the most popular underground clubs not only in Georgia but throughout Europe as well, has opened today
An amazing video made in Georgia by tourists from the Philippines have gone viral on the internet.
Over the recent two days May 12-13 Tbilisi city saw a peaceful protest rally in the center of the city.
Hundreds of people took to the main street Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi to protest the raid in Tbilisi’s popular night clubs.
Two bear cubs listed as endangered on the red list were handed over to Tbilisi Zoo,
Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze and Deputy Tbilisi Mayor Ms. Sophio Khuntsaria have gifted a food stand
Pamela Anderson, famous Canadian American actress and model has appeared in the chic sunglasses by internationally acclaimed Georgian designer George Keburia.
A ski lift accident in Georgia’s eastern Gudauri resort,in particular at Sadzele 5 lift, has left 8 people with injuries.
The ski lift in Gudauri winter resort in Georgia has broke down in the aftermath of which several people have been injured.
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